Publishing Agreement

The World’s Corner is proud to provide the opportunity for students, scholars and academics to publish their work on our political forum. By submitting your work for publication, you agree to the following terms between you and The World’s Corner:

You grant The World’s Corner a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license to the work. Under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license,

The World’s Corner;

1. May reproduce the work in any form, online/print.
2. Shall attribute the work to you,
3. May not use the work for primarily commercial purposes.


You represent and warrant to The World’s Corner that:

1. You have legal capacity to agree to this Publishing Agreement,
2. You are the author of the work,
3. The work is original and has not been previously published,
4. There is no previous agreement to publish the work,
5. The work is not currently under review with another publisher,
6. No part of the work infringes any copyright through plagiarism or other means, and
7. The work is not unlawful and contains no statement known to be false or libellous.

This Publishing Agreement will remain in force for the entire copyright term of the work.

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