Here at The World’s Corner, we believe in creating opportunities for writers to get their work out there.

We are currently looking for submissions from:

  • Academic pieces written as part of an Undergraduate or Post-graduate course in the field of Politics, International Relations or International Development .
  • These must have achieved a mark of 70, (1:1), ‘ A’ or higher.
  • We have recently started accepting articles in the genre of Political Satire and are looking to develop this field further.


Things to keep in mind before submitting an article:

  • We do not have the resources to translate submissions from other languages into English.
  • Grammar must be at a publishable standard upon submission.
  • Submissions must not be under consideration by other entities such as; other publishers, academic review or marking.
  • We do not charge our authors any fees, nor do we pay authors a fee by commission, or royalties for anything that we publish.
  • Submission is initiated on your behalf thereby giving your consent for possible publication.
  • We give full credit to the author(s) of each submission we accept. All submissions are published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-4.0 license. Copyright remains with the author(s).
  • For more information on our Publishing Agreement, click here.


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