Up, up and away!

Dear Readers,

We have lift off! After a lot of hard work, and even more coffees, The World’s Corner is finally live.

We’d like to begin with a Mission Statement.

We at The World’s Corner are dedicated to providing a platform for budding writers with an interest in the field of politics. Founded on the philosophy that everyone with an interest in Politics, Economics, Philosophy, International Relations, and Global Development, ought to be given the opportunity to publish their high quality work.

Through this we hope to provide a wide breath of educational showcasing of some of the up and coming political thinkers.

We are currently looking for submissions from:

  • Academic pieces written as part of an Undergraduate or Post-graduate course in the field of Politics, International Relations or International Development .
  • These must have achieved a mark of 70, (1:1), ‘ A’ or higher.
  • Edit: We now accepting articles in the genre of Political Satire and are looking for regular contributors to develop this field further.  

Please send submissions through the link on our homepage.

We look forward to seeing this platform flourish through contribution to academia.

Yours Faithfully,


The World’s Corner Team.


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